Gluten-Free Pancake Recipe - Weekend at the Cottage (2024)

This kid-approvedGLUTEN-FREE PANCAKE RECIPEis fun for the whole family!

This recipe goes out to everyone looking to add a solid, tasty, always-works, and fun-to-make gluten-free breakfast recipe to their repertoire (geez, that was a mouthful). Truth be told, thisGLUTEN-FREE PANCAKE RECIPEis also mouthful after mouthful of deliciousness. You are going to love them!

This recipe has long been a favorite and gives a nod to some Swedish roots where “pannkakor” is a beloved treat. The recipe is similar to other flat pancakes such as palačinka (Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia), filloas (Spain), injera (Ethiopia and Eritrea), and perhaps the best-known variety, crêpes (France).

Before I share a few tips, one last thing you might be wondering: YES this recipe works perfectly if you swap thegluten-free flourfor regular or unbleached all-purpose. We’ve tested with both regular and gluten-free varieties and love them equally. I must say though, it sure is nice to have the gluten-free recipe on hand; it does come in handy!

Enough with the back story, time to make and enjoy thisGLUTEN-FREE PANCAKE RECIPE.

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Whenever a family member or friend shares a dietary restriction or allergy alert, we’re smart to listen up. For this recipe, we crafted thepancake batterusinggluten-free flour. Although we could have used agluten-free pancake mix, this homemade option, made withoutbakingpowder,xanthan gum,almond flour,proteinpowder, and agluten-free flour blend, is way tastier. We couldn’t be happier with the results. We bet you already have the other ingredients for this recipe in yourpantryor fridge. Told you they were easy to make!

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During the first test of the recipe, we incorporated thewet ingredientsinto thedry ingredientsusing a hand mixer. Then, we thought, “Keep it simple. Awhiskworks best.” Remember, these pancakes don’t have afluffy textureright? They’re notfluffy gluten-free pancakesalthough they are still light as a feather. The light, almost thin batter came together with little effort. You’ll be able to wake up, grab a coffee, andwhiskthe batter up, bedhead and all! One thing to note: if you’d like to usedairy-free milklikeoatmilk oralmond milk, go ahead but maybe add a bit ofvanilla extractinto the mix too. You can also swap thebutterwithcoconutoil to make the recipe 100%vegan. The recipe will work the same with those substitutions.

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Two important things about the skillet. The first is about temperature, the second is about how we use the tool. Let me just say, that your first pancake won’t turn out. Even the second may not work until you dial up the temperature of the skillet. I’m saying moderate heat but on a scale of 1 (cool) to 10 (hot), try a 7. Once you figure out your skillet’s sweet spot, you’ll be good as gold and your bestgluten-free pancakeswill be good and golden! Look for those tinybubblesalong the edge of the pancakes; gorgeous!

The second thing is about the way you lift and tilt thepanin a circular motion to set the batter in an even layer. Make sure to watch theVIDEOattached to this recipe, but again, after a few tries I know you’ll be tilting like a pro. It’s kind of fun once you get the hang of it. If you’re making pancakes for a large group, transfer them to a plate as we’ve done, or line abakingsheet withparchmentand keep them in a warm oven until you serve.

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Again, much of this will become blatantly apparent when you start cooking your pancakes. Traditional pancakes, like theseBLUEBERRYones, are thicker in texture, allowing us to easily scoot a flipper underneath them. This recipe has two options, the first being a non-stick Teflonpanwhere the pancake will loosen when done. You’ll be able to flick andflipas you wish. You can also make them on a traditionalgriddlealthough they’ll be smaller than those made in a skillet.

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I found an easier option is to look for a golden edge on the pancake partnered with a surface that cooks to dry – this indicates a perfectly cooked pancake. Simply run a thin silicone spatula as deep as it’ll go under the edge, then invert the skillet over a clean stacking plate. The pancake comes away cleanly with a gorgeous golden finish.

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I’m adding this paragraph and I know some of you (namely a few of my siblings) will laugh. Stacking the finished pancakes one by one on top of each other as theyflipfrom the skillet is simple enough. But as I stood there cooking them off, I started thinking, “This one-sided cooking method means the ‘reveal side’ of the pancakes will be pale.” The solution is to place a plate on top of the stack and invert them. You’ll then be “dressing” the pale side and revealing the golden colour as you fold or roll the pancakes. Way more gorgeous and appetizing. See? Go ahead and laugh, this is what I think about, LOL!

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Although the above photo displays our favorite fillings, add-ons, sprinkles, and toppers, don’t let it fool you because there are way more. So go ahead and sprinkle your pancakes with things like sugar, spices and grated nuts. The sprinkled crepes are fun to roll up for quick enjoyment by hand.

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Another option is to add things like jams, jellies and specialty spreads – you pick your favourites. Applying these sweet confections to the pancakes is effortless and you can either roll them or fold them in halves or quarters. That’s what I did after filling pancakes with one of myHOMEMADE JAMS, but I also tried this technique with a chocolate hazelnut spread and slicedbananas. Yummy!

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Speaking of fresh fruit, make these homemade pancakes whenever you have fresh strawberries andblueberrieson hand. Talk aboutblueberrypancakes, wow! Spoon the prepared berries or fruit salad onto an open pancake, and add whipped cream plus a few more berries and fruit. Voilà, instant French restaurant treatment for these Swedish sensations.

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Last option is “as is”… sorta! These beauties went down easily folded up in quarters, served with nothing more thanmaple syrup. We also tried them with both thisBLUEBERRYSYRUPand ourMIXED BERRY COULIS. You honestly don’t need much, yet serving them with any of these suggested fillers takes them to a whole new level of memorabletasteandflavor. They are so tasty and a nice start to the day.

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ThisGLUTEN-FREE PANCAKE RECIPEis amazing each and every time!


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Gluten-Free Pancake Recipe

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  • 2 cups gluten-free all-purpose flour
  • 4 cups hom*ogenized milk (or dairy-free alternate)
  • ¼ teaspoon kosher salt
  • ¼ cup granulated sugar
  • 3 eggs, room temperature
  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted (or coconut oil)


  1. Prepare the batter: Stir flour, sugar and salt together in a large mixing bowl. Whisk eggs and half of the milk together in a large measure or bowl. Whisk in the flour mixture followed by the remaining milk and melted butter, mixing until there are no more lumps.
  2. Prepare the pancakes: Bring a non-stick skillet to temperature on moderate heat. Pour or ladle about a ¼ cup of batter into the skillet. Immediately lift the skillet, gently tilting it so the batter coats the pan evenly. Return pan to heat and leave pancake to cook until the edge turns golden in colour and the surface of the pancake goes from glossy to matte. Run a silicone or pan-safe spatula along the edge of the pancake to loosen it, then turn onto a large plate. Repeat until all of the batter is used.
  3. Serve pancakes: Pancakes can be enjoyed with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, ground nuts or jam then rolled into a tube. They can also be filled with fresh fruit, spreads and whipped cream before getting folded up into quarters. Finally, they can be folded into quarters and served with maple syrup.

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Gluten-Free Pancake Recipe - Weekend at the Cottage (2024)
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