Top 10 Best Low Carb Recipes of 2018 (2024)

Here we have the final countdown of the Top 10 Best Keto and Low Carb Recipes of 2018 on our website.

Top 10 Best Low Carb Recipes of 2018 (1)

Why do I summarize the Top Keto & Low Carb Recipes of 2018?

2 reasons mainly:

  1. For you, all, just in case you have missed something and do not really want to go through all of theblogs to find some inspiration.
  2. For me, so I can see what has worked and what not throughout the whole year.
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But can you make out of this picture who is the winner? Scroll down to start our Countdown.

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I had to wait until the end of the year – exactly the 31st of December to be able to give you a full and truthful review.

Like many bloggers, I do tend to check my analytics sometimes even more than I should. But they give you so many answers. They reveal what you guys like the most, what you are interested in, what recipes you are looking for. OMG. You would have not believed what everything is in there.

And I do believe there is still at least 50% I have no idea exist. But as we all learn I am really looking forward to the finds.

So here goes the Top 10 of the Best Keto and Low Carb Recipes of 2018 on our blog as per Google Analytics. It is a collection of all of the social media, direct searches, emails….totally all.

10. Zucchini Chips Dehydrated

This recipe was a great idea when I have continuously kept burning zucchinis in the oven. From now on, not anymore. They are always crisp and in perfect condition.

9. Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

Those Sugar-Free Gummy Bears, became a must, when we have discovered, that all of the bought sugar-free gummy sweets have either raised blood sugar for our daughter, gave me big tummy problems or were just filled with all of the ingredients, we never wanted to touch. Have not found anything on the market, so we had to come up with our own, healthy and sugar-free version.

8. Low Carb Crepes

Those Low Carb Crepes have been our survivor for years already. At the time, when my baking was not at the best and my daughter refused to eat whatever sweet I baked, those Low Carb Crepes were always on hand to have. Till now, we keep some in the freezer for just in case.

7. Low Carb Keto Goldfish Crackers

Those Keto Goldfish Crackers were an invention when we have once made our Cheese pops with Cheddar cheese and that gave us not only taste of goldfish crackers, but as well the color. And all we needed was the fish shape cutters and the recipe was born.

6. Keto Cheese Bacon Nachos

After several months of baking plain cheese into crackers, we started adding various ingredients into it and at the end, the winner was with bacon and addition of double layers of different cheese variation. And Keto CheeseBacon Nachos were born.

5. Low Carb Yogurt Buns

Our first winners in the bread variations after I have baked at least 20 different buns. Those Low Carb Jogurt Buns are not only perfectly soft but white from inside, reminds us of white buns and can be kept in the freezer forever.

4. Low Carb Granola

Those Low Carb Granola are not only real looking but perfectly crunchy, tastes even better than normal ones but are much much healthier. You can make the once a month and keep it in the airtight container to use every morning witheither almond, coconut milk or plain yogurt.

3. Keto Egg-Drop Soup

After my daughter refusing to eat broth anymore, this Keto Egg-Drop Soup became a real rescue as seen not only in our family but all over the world.

2. Keto Farmers Bread

The best ever KETO bread we have tried. Even our visitors never realize it is different and all of Sophie’s full carb friends love it as well. Therefore we can with full confidence say, this is the best real looking, real tasting, real smelling Keto Bread in the whole Universe.

1. Cheese Pops – Low Carb Popcorn

The winner – Cheese Pops – Low Carb Popcorn has overtaken all of the recipes by far. It is number one not only on our Facebook Page but as well on Pinterest, Instagram, Emails, YouTube, Google. All over the internet. So if you have not tried it as yet, you definitely should.

Wish you all a great start into the new year of 2019 and I do hope it will be best for all of us.

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Top 10 Best Low Carb Recipes of 2018 (2024)
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